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Doc Jen graduated an accomplished student & athlete from Snider High School in 1992, and many know her by her maiden name, Shearer. Dr. Jen lived in Southern California for the better part of 3 years, and then moved to Texas in 1995 where she completed her Pre-Med undergraduate courses with a 3.86 GPA. She holds a dual Bachelor's degree in Anatomy and also Health & Wellness. Upon matriculating into graduate school, her Alma Mater is Parker College of Chiropractic in Dallas, Texas, where she completed four years with a 3.0 GPA. Dr. Jen's post-graduate work includes the title of C.C.C.N., which is a specialty chiropractic certification in clinical neurology. She returned to Fort Wayne in 2007 and served as a Doctor of Chiropractic at Chiropractic Resource Center until opening her own practice, Hoosier Sports & Chiropractic in Fort Wayne.

Neurology became a passion of Dr. Jen early on following the birth of her son in 2002, when he had cranial misalignments due to a vacuum used during birth. She later spent the better part of her graduate education in the pursuit of answers and solutions to help him and other children with these specialized needs. She visited Kentuckiana Childrens Clinic in Louisville, KY working with children who suffered from ADHD, Autism, and Tourettes Syndrome. She learned various techniques from myofascial release to Craniosacral work to help relieve musculoskeletal tension and related neurological symptoms. She returned to Dallas and began the pediatric post graduate program. She quickly realized that while helpful, that the solutions to many of these ailments was to be found in neurology. Dr. Nunnally was fortunate to have had the opportunity to associate with Dr. Michael Hall, an internationally known Chiropractic Neurologist, who guided her both in school and a third year opportunity in office. While Chiropractic Neurologists typically co-manage conditions such as MS, Parkinsons, Post Stoke rehabilitation, Dr. Jen found that more functional components of neurology had profound affects in the lives of these children regarding brian balance, proprioception, and nutrition. Her practice currently includes a significant amount of pregnant mothers and children who seek preventative care to address various conditions.

During graduate school she organized a group of Special Olympic volunteers, an organization that Dr. Jen has supported in many capacities since the age of 12. She began under the influence of her aunt who was actively involved with ARC. She served Special Olympics as a hugger, coach, assistant coach, Finance Chairman for McLennan County, and organized the Medical Care for Dallas Special Olympics from 2003-2006. During those years, she arranged medical teams to be available for everything from the SMU volleyball tournaments, to city swim meets, bowling, bocce, basketball, and many more. Dr. Nunnally spoke on many occasions to related organizations, including the 2006 regional conference for a crowd of 200+ who sought information on how chiropractic care plays a important role in todays healthcare system.

In 2006 Dr. Nunnally received the appointment to serve as an intern on the Medical Commission for the Central American Games, a pre-Olympic qualifier in Cartegena, Columbia. There she assisted the medical staff with care to 2008 Olympic hopefuls. Dr. Jen was part of the team that treated the Mexican Olympic team nightly at their training facility. Over the course of this assignment, she treated athletes from many other member nations in sports including Archery, Basketball, Fencing, and finally, Soccer. It was then that she was asked to treat FIFA and CONCACAF personnel at the Colombia vs. Panama soccer game. It was that game that proved to be the turning point of her career in regards to international level sports care.

In 2007, she recieved a call from CONCACAF officials, which is the governing body under FIFA for Canada, North America, Central America, and Caribbean member nations, based on their experience with her at the Central American Games and was asked to organize a specialized chiropractic care team for the 2007 Gold Cup. The CONCACAF Gold Cup is the most prestigious bi-annual soccer tournament in the northern half of the western hemisphere that occurs every two years, and was originally designed to prepare and create playing opportunities for teams in this area of the world for World Cup contention. The request was to care for FIFA/CONCACAF referee personnel and as needed, the other 12 member nation teams participating. This was the single largest presence of chiropractors in international soccer history to treat as primary care healthcare providers to date. Six cities over three weeks. Beginning with personally performed preliminary physicals and examination in Miami, Florida, she then assembled a top team of Chiropractic Doctors known for their professional sports experience, many whom also served at the Central American Games to care for the group at Home Depot Center (LA), Orange Bowl Stadium (MIA), Reliant Stadium (Houston), Gillette Stadium (Boston), Giants Stadium (NY/NJ), and Soldier Stadium (Chicago) for crowds that tipped 80,000 spectators during the finals. Recognition was given for these efforts and many relationships were developed at that time. She served as the head liason personally at the Miami preliminaries, Houston at the quarterfinals, and Chicago for the semisinal and final games. (Dr. Nunnally's published FIFA technical write up on the event can be found on the Myspace link on the main page of the website.)

After the Gold Cup, Dr. Jen decided to return to Fort Wayne and raise her children in her hometown. During the 2006-2007 season she was requested to serve as the Official Chiropractor for the Fort Wayne Professional Indoor Football team at that time, Fort Wayne Fusion, but was unable to return that soon due to the Gold Cup. Upon her return in 2007, she was asked to serve as the Official Chiropractor for the newly owned and named team, Fort Wayne Freedom, who played at Memorial Coliseum. She accepted that position during the 2007-2008 season and worked closely with FWO personnel to co-manage care for the CIFL professional football team that season. Upon dissolution of the Freedom, she has served four terms from 2008 to 2011 as the team Doctor for the IFL semipro football team Classic City Crush, and more recently the IFL semipro football team Wolfpack. She also served on the medical team for the care and triage for Florida's Sunshine State Games in 2008. She also served as the Team Physician for the local Sports Club Soccer Teams (PDL and U23 Mens and Womens Teams) in 2011.

Dr. Nunnally regularly consults with and treats many area Summit City college, high school, and middle school athletes in a wide variety of sports teams regarding sports injury management, injury prevention, and improved performance. As a personal product of unmanaged youth sports injuries that have caused challenges as an adult, Dr. Nunnally is committed to provide top level care to youth athletes trying to avoid those same pitfalls. Dr. Jen does not believe in being an "island" and is well known in the Fort Wayne medical community for her effective conservative care, but regularly co-manages patient care with orthopedic and neurosurgeons, physical medicine, and physical and occupational therapy groups to provide the best care plan for each persons individualized needs. As chiropractors are licensed as primary level healthcare professionals in the state of Indiana, rarely is a medical referral needed visit the office. A patient can expect a comprehensive medical examination is performed, decision making and diagnosis is made, and treatment plan is created and implemented to begin conservative injury management. If the condition requires X-rays, MRI, or other advanced imaging is necessary, lab work ordered, she does so at that time. If co-management with other medical professionals is warranted the referral is written and the plan of care is implemented together.

Dr. Nunnally's patients have ranged from two days old to the age of 96. The range of conditions she treats is vast and includes, but is not limited to, more traditional injuries focusing on back and disc, neck, whiplash and motor vehicle accidents, headaches, children's and pregnant mother care, and less obvious sporting injuries including "industrial athletes," weekend warriors, and the older active retired community.

Currently, she serves as the Official Chiropractor for the Fort Wayne Derby Girls (2014-present). She is also frequently consulted to speak with different athletic organizations regarding performance and integrating chiropractic into the professional healthcare team.

Her mantra is simple: Brain based solutions for maximum health results. Chiropractic is an essential part of everyone's "health"care team. Be proactive, not reactive. Prevention is the key to longevity. Find the cause instead of treating the symptom. Exercise is medicine. Nutrition is fuel. Maintain optimal health. Avoid crisis care. Live well.